4.Sculpting Fantasy Characters SKU: SFCLG

Digital Download  Learn how to sculpt instantly identifiable  fantasy characters

HQ Video 780x439 Running Time 60 mins



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Knowing how to develop succinct, instantly identifiable characters is very important to the character sculptor. Hollywood  films, be it animated or live action, has had a fascination with the “Buddy Buddy” films and continues to re-imagine it. We saw it with Abbott & Costello, The Honeymooners, The Odd Couple, Warner Bros. classic cartoons, Pinky & Brain,  & Baby Huey are just some of  the incarnations of  John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice & Men” featuring “Lenny and George”. At the heart of these 2 characters lies, a hulking, unintelligent, yet incredibly strong guy, sometimes the comedic relief, and a slender, cynical, sharp & very intelligent straight man. On this edition we will take a look at how to accomplish the basic visual fundamentals that set these character stereotypes in motion. You’ll learn how to create a visual dialogue and how to visually communicate character (telegraphing) with the audience by understanding how shape & form, mass & proportion, angles & planes speak louder than words. HQ Video 780x439 Running Time 60 mins Digital Download